The Rim Quotes


"Ionian men and women are not like humans of Earth or Luna or Mercury or Venus. They are harder, lither, eyes slightly larger to absorb the dimmed light six hundred million kilometers from the sun, skin pale, taller, and able to withstand higher doses of radiation. These people believe themselves most like the Iron Golds who conquered Earth and put man at peace for the first time in her history."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Morning Star, ch. 40: Yellow Sea, p. 309

"The whole place smells like farts."

- Sevro au Barca
Morning Star, ch. 40: Yellow Sea, p. 310

"I’ve heard the Rim is different. They do not kill children here. But everyone likes to pretend that they don’t kill children."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Morning Star, ch. 41: The Moon Lord, p. 317

"No child in my family watches holos before the age of twelve. We all have nature and nurture to shape us. She can watch other people’s opinions when she has opinions of her own, and no sooner. We’re not digital creatures. We’re flesh and blood. Better she learns that before the world finds her."

- Romulus au Raa
Morning Star, ch. 41: The Moon Lord, p. 320

"What kind of parent would want their children to have servants?” he asks, disgusted by the idea. “The moment a child thinks it is entitled to anything, they think they deserve everything. Why do you think the Core is such a Babylon? Because it’s never been told no."

- Romulus au Raa
Morning Star, ch. 41: The Moon Lord, p. 320

"It’s hard for me to speak to you as if you were not a tyrant,” I say. “You sit here and think you are more civilized than Luna because you obey your creed of honor, because you show restraint.” I gesture to the simple house. “But you’re not more civilized,” I say. “You’re just more disciplined."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Morning Star, ch. 41: The Moon Lord, p. 321

"The Sovereign says I am a threat to you. But who has bombed your cities? Who has slain a million of your people? Who kept your children hostage on Luna? Slaughtered your father and daughter on Mars? Who burned an entire moon? Was it me? Was it my people? No. Your greatest enemy is the greed of the Core. The burners of Rhea."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Morning Star, ch. 42: The Poet, p. 332

"There is an intensity to his quiet, like a lone cold stone sitting in a still pool of water. A humility to his bearing and expression that I did not expect, and in some way makes me feel as if we stumbled upon an ancient creature in his private garden, one who has seen the shaping of worlds, the sundering of empires. I feel calm, but very, very small as the myth earns flesh. Unlike me, he stood before the Reaper but did not surrender his moon. He gave an arm and a son to protect it."

- Lysander au Lune
Iron Gold, ch. 25: Lysander, p. 224

"Ionian Golds believe mirrors promote vanity and obsession with the self. It’s a crime for even a lowColor to possess one."

- Lysander au Lune
Iron Gold, ch. 36: Lysander, p. 350

"Do you know what inspires this loyalty to the Compact from all Colors? Honor. Honor in work. Honor in morality. Honor in principle and family. Our rules are harsh, but we obey them from Gold to Red. Romulus eliminated the rigged quotas in mines and the latifundia, has begun to phase out the Obsidian gods, and makes each man understand he is part of the same body. He has replaced subjugation with participation. Given a reason to sacrifice for the betterment of all. And it starts with us at this table, the head of the body."

- Dido au Raa
Iron Gold, ch. 36: Lysander, p. 358

"I believe that war will destroy us. All of us, Rim and Core alike. All that the Colors have built together. All we have protected. The legacy of the Society will vanish. Not because our arms are weak. Not because our commanders are frail. But because we are fighting against a religion whose god still lives."

- Romulus au Raa
Iron Gold, ch. 61: Lysander, p. 577

"If I have to share air with this Corespawn any longer, I’ll castrate him.” She looks between my legs and raises a notched eyebrow. “If anatomically possible."

- Seraphina au Raa
Dark Age, ch. 2: Lysander: Annihilo, p. 17

"I. Just. Hate. Moonies."

- Atalantia au Grimmus
Dark Age, ch. 6: Lysander: Carnivores, p. 50

"My people believe only the dust knows the weight of Golden boots better than Reds and Pinks."

- Aurae
Light Bringer, ch. 4: Darrow: The Sordid Affair, p. 31