Cassius au Bellona Quotes


"She’s pretty as a peach, but she’s all rotten inside. I took a bite once, if you catch my flow. Tasty, then putrid."

Red Rising, ch. 15: The Testing, p. 108

"Up for a race, Darrow?"

Red Rising, ch. 21: Our Dominion, p. 156

"Once, I challenged this prancing oaf to a duel for disrespecting my family—an Augustus fop. He was very methodical—tightened his gloves, tied back his pretty hair, swished his razor as he did before every gory practice bout he’s ever had at the Agea Martial Club.” “And?” “And I hooked him and stabbed him through the kneecap while he was still swishing his razor in preparation.” He catches Lea’s disapproval. “What? The duel had begun. I’m foxy, but I’m not a beast. I just win."

Red Rising, ch. 22: The Tribes, p. 168

"Well, I do believe I am the lightning,” Cassius declares. “And you, my brooding friend, are the thunder."

Red Rising, ch. 31: The Fall of Mustang, p. 239

"he was so delighted, and we—my mother and father and brothers and sisters and cousins and loved ones—were so hopeful for him. He trained so hard.” His voice takes a mocking tone. “But in the end, Julian was fed to the wolves. Or should I say wolf?”"

Red Rising, ch. 33: Apologies, p. 258

"He was never the brightest, not in the way they wanted. Oh, he was kind and bright with emotions—he could sense sadness or anger a klick away. But empathy is a lowColor thing."

Red Rising, ch. 33: Apologies, p. 259

"There are feuds that do not change, Darrow. Cats and dogs. Ice and fire. Augustus and Bellona. My family and the ArchGovernor’s."

Red Rising, ch. 33: Apologies, p. 259

"We come as princes and this school is supposed to teach us to become beasts. But you came a beast."

Red Rising, ch. 33: Apologies, p. 260

"This is a blood feud,” he hisses in highLingo. “If ever again we meet, you are mine or I am yours. If ever again we draw breath in the same room, one breath shall cease. Hear me now, you wretched worm. We are devils to one another till one rots in hell."

Red Rising, ch. 43: The Last Test, p. 372

"You killed my family, Darrow. All of them. Me, Julian, that’s one thing. But the children? How could you?” I don’t know what he’s talking about. “I’ll find Sevro. I’ll find Mustang. There will be no mercy."

Golden Son, ch. 51: Golden Son, p. 439

"Julian. Lea. Pax. Quinn. Weed. Harpy. Rotback. Tactus. Lorn. Victra. They deserved better than to die for a slave."

Golden Son, ch. 51: Golden Son, p. 440

"Roque always did dress up a place. Unfortunately he’s got the taste of a ninety-year-old orchestra first chair."

Morning Star, ch. 50: Thunder and Lightning, p. 396

"I never was fond of irony. Whisky, on the other hand…we never had a quarrel we couldn’t solve."

Morning Star, ch. 50: Thunder and Lightning, p. 396

"You and I aren’t like Roque or Virginia. We’re not nuanced creatures. All you have is thunder. All I have, lightning. Remember that dumb shit we used to say when we would paint our faces and ride about like idiots? It’s the deepspine truth. We can only obey what we are. Without a storm, you and I? We’re just men. But give us this. Give us conflict…how we rattle and roar."

Morning Star, ch. 50: Thunder and Lightning, p. 399

"Aren’t you afraid you’re going to break everything and not be able to put it back together?"

Morning Star, ch. 50: Thunder and Lightning, p. 401

"I was an uncle once. I was good at that."

Morning Star, ch. 50: Thunder and Lightning, p. 401

"My heart was my brother. And I no longer believe in a world that says he was too weak to deserve life. He would have believed in this. In the hope for something new.” Cassius looks over at me. “For Julian, I can believe that too."

Morning Star, ch. 62: Omnis Vir Lupis, p. 493

"The boy is under my protection,"

Morning Star, ch. 64: Hail, p. 506

"He reminds me of Julian. He’s a good soul, despite everything. I’ll raise him right. Away from all this."

Morning Star, ch. 65: The Vale, p. 513

"Gold forgot it was intended to shepherd, not rule. I reject my life and honor that duty: to protect the People. Will you join me?"

Iron Gold, ch. 8: Lysander, p. 62

"You all think you’re the chosen people. The keepers of the flame. Please. You know how many have thought that? You’re just like the rest. Too vain to realize the flame has gone out. The dream of Gold was dead before any of us were ever born. You want a war because you think the Rising is vulnerable? Because they still battle the Core? You don’t know Darrow. You don’t know his people. If you attack, you lose everything."

Iron Gold, ch. 38: Lysander, p. 367

"He turned to me at the foot of the stairs and told me he loved me. He’d done it a thousand times before. But it was different. ‘The boy has fled,’ he said. ‘In his place, I see a man.’ It was the first time I felt I deserved his love, to be his son. I realized how lucky I was, how blessed I was to have a father like him. In a world of terrible men, he was patient, kind. Noble in the way the stories told us to be as boys."

Iron Gold, ch. 40: Lysander, p. 384

"who knows, perhaps the darkness will be kinder than the light."

Iron Gold, ch. 40: Lysander, p. 385

"This duel isn’t for me. It’s for you. If you love me at all, you will let me die."

Iron Gold, ch. 40: Lysander, p. 387

"I expect no mercy. I ask only that if I fall, honor my bones and send them to the sun."

Iron Gold, ch. 40: Lysander, p. 390