Death Quotes


"Death isn’t empty like you say it is. Emptiness is life without freedom, Darrow. Emptiness is living chained by fear, fear of loss, of death. I say we break those chains."

- Eo O'Lykos
Red Rising, ch. 4: The Gift, p. 33

"Whether missile or boarding craft come, die like Golds"

- Nero Au Augustus
Golden Son, ch. 20: Helldiver, p. 182

"When you are in the salt, you feel like every gale is the world ender. Every wave the greatest that has been. These boys ride the gales in rapture at their own glory. But every now and then, a true storm rises. It shatters their masts and rips the hair from their heads. They do not last long till the sea swallows them whole. But their mothers have wept their deaths long before, as I wept for yours the first day we met."

- Lorn au Arcos
Golden Son, ch. 28: The Stormsons, p. 247

"She kills our friend. She kills Quinn, but we let her walk away for the grander scheme. Everything costs something, Darrow. Perhaps you’ll soon tire of making your friends pay."

- Roque au Fabii
Golden Son, ch. 32: Die Young, p. 277

"Better to go into that other world in the full glory of some passion than to fade and wither with age. Live fast. Die young, my wayward friend."

- Roque au Fabii
Golden Son, ch. 32: Die Young, p. 278

"Each time I returned to my wife, I told her that her boys died well.” He fidgets with his ring. “There’s no such thing."

- Lorn au Arcos
Golden Son, ch. 36: Lord of War, p. 317

"The dead can always hear us, my love. Why else do you think we sing? We want them to know that even though they are gone, we can still find joy.” Cradling my niece, she turns to look at me as she takes the first step up the stairs. “That’s all they’d want for us.”"

- Deanna O'Lykos
Golden Son, ch. 49: Why We Sing, p. 415

"When all is lost, honor demands death,” Roque once told me. “It is a noble end."

- Roque au Fabii
Morning Star, ch. 1: Only the Dark, p. 5

"what would a rich poet know of death? The poor know death. Slaves know death. But even as I yearn for it, I fear it. Because the more I see of this cruel world, the less I believe it ends in some pleasant fiction."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Morning Star, ch. 1: Only the Dark, p. 7

"Death chewed on me a bit. Then spat my bloody ass back out. Said there was killing that needed doin’ and some wild blood of mine that needed savin’"

- Narol O'Lykos
Morning Star, ch. 8: Home, p. 56

"I know death well enough to hear it gather its breath."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Morning Star, ch. 17: Killing Golds, p. 131

"When I was six, my mother was pregnant with a little girl. The doctor said there would be complications with the birth and recommended intervening medically. But my father said that if the child was not fit to survive birth, it did not deserve life. We can fly between the stars. Mold the planets, but father let my sister die in my mother’s womb."

- Virginia au Augustus
Morning Star, ch. 28: Feast, p. 221

"Mother was never the same. I’d hear her crying in the middle of the day. See her staring out the window. Then one night she went for a walk at Caragmore. The estate my father gave her as a wedding present. He was in Agea working. She never came home. They found her on the rocks beneath the sea cliffs. Father said she slipped. If he was alive now, he’d still say she slipped. I don’t think he could have survived thinking anything else."

- Virginia au Augustus
Morning Star, ch. 28: Feast, p. 221

"I always dreamed of a good death.” He shudders as he realizes again that he’s dying. “This does not seem good."

- Ragnar Volarus
Morning Star, ch. 30: The Quiet, p. 234

"I will make a house for you in the Vale of your fathers. It will be beside my own."

- Ragnar Volarus
Morning Star, ch. 30: The Quiet, p. 237

"Be still. Night hangs upon mine eyes."

- Roque au Fabii
Morning Star, ch. 48: Imperator, p. 378

"I am Roque au Fabii of the gens Fabii. My ancestors walked upon red Mars. They fell upon Old Earth. I have lost the day, but I have not lost myself. I will not be a prisoner.” His eyes close. His hand trembles. “I am the star in the night sky. I am the blade in the twilight. I am the god, the glory.” His breath shudders out. He is afraid. “I am the Gold."

- Roque au Fabii
Morning Star, ch. 48: Imperator, p. 379

"I wish Roque would have thought he was going to a better world. But he died believing only in Gold, and anything that believes only in itself cannot go happily into the night."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Morning Star, ch. 50: Thunder and Lightning, p. 392

"Howl on, little Thistle."

- Pebble
Morning Star, ch. 52: Teeth, p. 412

"I expect no mercy. I ask only that if I fall, honor my bones and send them to the sun."

- Cassius au Bellona
Iron Gold, ch. 40: Lysander, p. 390

"Young death is divine. It freezes the flower in time. A gift in a way, to remember her as that instead of watching age ravage and devour…"

- Gaia au Raa
Iron Gold, ch. 55: Lysander, p. 515

"not all who live fear death."

- Gaia au Raa
Iron Gold, ch. 55: Lysander, p. 521

"I urge you to feel my death. To let it be the last casualty, and not the first of this war that claimed my father, my daughter, my son, and now me."

- Romulus au Raa
Iron Gold, ch. 61: Lysander, p. 577

"An omega-atomic will impact in thirty seconds,” I say quietly. The Red outside my cockpit is listening too, his face pressed to the glass just two hand spans away from my own. “Your fight is behind you. Remember now your beloved. Your wife, your husband, your father, your mother, your daughter, your son.” I meet his eyes. They look so much like my mother’s. “Remember the sea, the highland forests, Agea at dawn, Olympia at twilight, Attica in spring, Thessalonica in harvest.” As I speak, they close their eyes and unscrew the canisters of Martian soil to clench in their hands. Gold and Red, Blue and Orange, Gray and Obsidian. My heart breaks in half. “Remember home. Remember Mars. You go there now to rest under the shade of her—"

- Darrow O'Lykos
Dark Age, ch. 11: Darrow: Red Reach, p. 89

"From a distance, death seems the end of a story. But when you are near, when you can smell the burning skin, see the entrails, you see death for what it is. A traumatic cauterization of a life thread. No purpose. No conclusion. Just snip. I knew war was dreadful, but I did not expect to fear it. How can anyone not, when death is just a blind giant with scissors?"

- Lysander au Lune
Dark Age, ch. 16: Lysander: Rider of the Storm, p. 124