Deanna O'Lykos Quotes


"The dead can always hear us, my love. Why else do you think we sing? We want them to know that even though they are gone, we can still find joy.” Cradling my niece, she turns to look at me as she takes the first step up the stairs. “That’s all they’d want for us.”"

Golden Son, ch. 49: Why We Sing, p. 415

"When Darrow was small, maybe three or four, his father gave him an old watch his father had given him. This brass thing, with a wheel instead of digital numbers. Do you remember it?” I nod. “It was beautiful. Your favorite possession. And years later, after his father had died, Kieran here got sick with a cough. Meds were always in short ration in the mines. So you’d have to get them from Gamma or Gray, but each has a price. I didn’t know how I was going to pay, and then Darrow comes home one day with the medicine, won’t say how he got it. But several weeks later I saw one of the Grays checking the time with that old watch."

Morning Star, ch. 36: Swill, p. 284

"You fly into night, and when all grows dark, remember who you are. Remember you are never alone. The hopes and dreams of our people go with you. Remember home.” She pulls me down to kiss my forehead. “Remember you are loved."

Morning Star, ch. 39: The Heart, p. 306

"You put the death in me when I heard of that damn Iron Rain. You put the death in all of us."

Iron Gold, ch. 2: Darrow, p. 16

"I’ve spent enough time in the past, love. The dead need no tears. They don’t rest easier for our vengeance, or our guilt.” She shrugs. “They’d want us to live. And life’s about the now and the future, eh?"

Dark Age, ch. 29: Virginia: The Dust of Reverie, p. 241

"Maybe I can one day forgive you for doin’ what needs doin’. But I can’t give you permission to abandon my boy."

Dark Age, ch. 57: Virginia: Black Cathedral, p. 487