Sevro au Barca Quotes


"I wouldn’t want Antonia to lead. She’s a bitch"

Red Rising, ch. 22: The Tribes, p. 166

"Through the thorns to the stars.” Sevro snickers. “You fancy little fart. Omnis vir lupus.” Everyone a wolf."

Golden Son, ch. 18: Bloodstains, p. 155

"Cacatne ursus in silvis? (Does a bear shit in the woods?)"

Golden Son, ch. 20: Helldiver, p. 185

"Audentes fortuna juvat (Fortune favors the bold)"

Golden Son, ch. 20: Helldiver, p. 185

"I’m Gold, bitch. What’d you expect? Warm milk and cookies just because I’m pocket-sized?"

Golden Son, ch. 32: Die Young, p. 282

"Piss off. I’m not a whiny little bitch like the poet."

Golden Son, ch. 44: The Poet, p. 380

"I like to think I’m an endangered species."

Golden Son, ch. 46: Brotherhood, p. 393

"I said it once. Now I’ll say it twice. If there’s two things in this world that can’t be killed, it’s the fungus under my sack and the Reaper of bloodydamn Mars. Haha!"

Morning Star, ch. 9: The City of Ares, p. 65

"Mickey had your eyes in a cryobox at his joint in Yorkton—creepy place, by the by—when we raided it for supplies to bring back to Tinos to help the Rising. I figured you weren’t usin’ ’em, so…” He shrugs awkwardly. “So I asked if he’d put ’em in. You know. Bring us closer together. Something to remember you by. That’s not so weird, right?"

Morning Star, ch. 9: The City of Ares, p. 66

"I released your Carving to every mine. To every holoSite. To every millimeter of this bloodydamn Society. The Golds thought they could kill you off. That they could beat you and make your death mean nothing. I’ll be damned if I’d let that happen.” He thumps his hand on a table. “Damned if I’d let you disappear facelessly into the machine like my mother. There’s not a Red on Mars that doesn’t know your name, Reap. Not a single person in the digital world who doesn’t know that a Red rose to become a prince of the Golds, to conquer Mars. I made you a myth. And now that you’re back from the dead, you’re not just a martyr. You’re the bloodydamn messiah the Reds have been waiting for their entire lives."

Morning Star, ch. 10: The War, p. 79

"Shit escalates"

Morning Star, ch. Part II: Rage, p. 94

"You have been watched, and now you are wanted. If you accept our invitation to join our brotherhood, you must take an oath to be always faithful to your brothers and sisters. To never lie, never betray those under the cloak. All your sins, all your scars, all your enemies now belong to us. Our burden to share. Your loves, your family will become your second loves, your second family. We are your first. If you cannot abide this, if you cannot conscience this bond, say so now and you may leave."

Morning Star, ch. 13: Howlers, p. 99

"Greetings, you ugly little bastards. It has come to my attention that you are abnormally devious, savage, and generally malicious creatures gifted in the arts of murder, mayhem, and chaos. If I am mistaken, do say so now."

Morning Star, ch. 13: Howlers, p. 99

"Waste ’em"

Morning Star, ch. 17: Killing Golds, p. 131

"This is war, boyo. Murder’s the name of the game. Don’t be sad we’re good at it."

Morning Star, ch. 18: Abyss, p. 137

"Your tricks won’t work here, fat little toad man."

Morning Star, ch. 21: Quicksilver, p. 157

"You got my father killed,” he says. “You got Quinn and Pax and Weed and Harpy and Lea killed because you thought you were smarter than everyone else. Because you didn’t kill the Jackal when you could. Because you didn’t kill Cassius when you could. But unlike you, I don’t flinch."

Morning Star, ch. 21: Quicksilver, p. 166

"You tell anyone I cried, I’ll find a dead fish, put it in a sock, hide it in your room, and let it putrefy."

Morning Star, ch. 22: The Weight of Ares, p. 169

"Do you know why I helped you at the Institute when you and Cassius were gonna drown in that loch?” he asks. “It’s cause of how they look at you. It wasn’t like I thought you were a good primus. You were as smart as a bag of wet farts. But I saw them. Pebble. Clown. Quinn….Roque.” He almost trips over that last name. “I’d watch you at your fires in the gulches when Titus was in the castle. Saw you teach Lea how to cut a goat’s throat even when she was afraid to do it. I wanted to do that too. To join."

Morning Star, ch. 22: The Weight of Ares, p. 170

"If your heart beats like a drum, and your leg’s a little wet, it’s because the Reaper’s come to collect a little debt."

Morning Star, ch. 23: The Tide, p. 175

"The Shield of Tinos,” he echoes, voice catching. “He loved the name. I think he’d always thought himself a blade before he met us. We let him be what he wanted. A protector."

Morning Star, ch. 35: The Light, p. 277

"The whole place smells like farts."

Morning Star, ch. 40: Yellow Sea, p. 310

"Better idea. How ’bout you tell your bitch of a brother to honor his bloodydamn agreement before I take that rifle and shove it so far up your farthole you look like a skinny Pixie shish kebab?"

Morning Star, ch. 40: Yellow Sea, p. 314

"Howler Rule 17. Only Pixies shower before battle,” Sevro says. “I like my soldiers savage, stinky, and sexy."

Morning Star, ch. 44: The Lucky Ones, p. 346

"Darrow’s wife…” Sevro croaks, larynx damaged. “His wife,” he says more deeply. “And my father never met. But they shared a dream. One of a free world. Not built on corpses, but on hope. On the love that binds us, not the hate that divides. We have lost many. But we are not broken. We are not defeated. We fight on. But we do not fight for revenge for those who have died. We fight for each other. We fight for those who live. We fight for those who don’t yet live."

Morning Star, ch. 54: The Goblin and the Gold, p. 428