Pink Quotes


"Just as Obsidians are bred to be killing machines, Pinks are made to be fucking machines. Both can be very persuasive. There’s levels to them too. Obsidian have their Stained. Pinks have their Roses. Just as rare, about as expensive."

- Ephraim ti Horn
Iron Gold, ch. 18: Ephraim, p. 156

"One could argue for the necessary industry of Reds or the cultlike military religion instilled in Grays, or the efficiency and neutered emotions in Coppers, but this…Pinks were not needed to make my grandmother’s world function. They were built for lechery, subjected to centuries of systematic breeding, abuse, psychological and sexual domination. Chemically neutered and twisted inside so that their suicide rate is eleven times higher than that of any other Color."

- Lysander au Lune
Iron Gold, ch. 32: Lysander, p. 306

"I’ve always felt Pinks to be the most oppressed of the Colors, their plight imbuing some of them with preternatural internal strength."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Light Bringer, ch. 1: Darrow: Castaway, p. 5

"Aurae is a rare Pink. Not a cheap thrill with angel wings or horns or a silky tail waiting for a client in a Pearl club. Nor a Helen of Troy either—the type of flashing thoroughbred as might be seen on the arm of Atalantia or Apollonius. Aurae is a Raa hetaera. A beauty of shadow and dust with autumnal tragedy written in her features. Her face is long. Her skin is a shade darker than olive. Her thick hair is wavy and blue-black and never seems to be the same color or in the same braid twice. It is impossible to guess her age. Some have guessed forty, some thirty, some twenty. It’s her eyes that make that last one impossible. They are wide set, dark pink, and ancient."

- Darrow O'Lykos
Light Bringer, ch. 3: Darrow: Revenants, p. 22

"My people believe only the dust knows the weight of Golden boots better than Reds and Pinks."

- Aurae
Light Bringer, ch. 4: Darrow: The Sordid Affair, p. 31

"I am a Pink. I humor everyone.” She doesn’t sound bitter about it. “We all have our survival mechanisms, Darrow. I am and always have been air. Until now you could afford to be a rock. You didn’t have to change or alter course. Now you are cracking. That is a good thing. If you wish to be repaired…"

- Aurae
Light Bringer, ch. 6: Darrow: Mortal Concerns, p. 49