Ephraim ti Horn Quotes


"She’s like most Limies—petulant and selfish, with a processor in place of a heart."

Iron Gold, ch. 6: Ephraim, p. 47

"Hell hath no fury like a woman packing a railgun."

Iron Gold, ch. 6: Ephraim, p. 48

"One hundred and ten million died for Gold to rule. Then their bombers dropped solocene into the troposphere and neutered an entire race."

Iron Gold, ch. 6: Ephraim, p. 50

"Grays: short in life, long in memory."

Iron Gold, ch. 14: Ephraim, p. 119

"You know, every time I saw a Gold slaver walk free for the sake of ‘the war effort,’ it was like watching them spit on Trigg’s grave. Aja might be dust, but men and women just like that bitch walk the worlds because the people holding your leash couldn’t follow through. Shoulda put a Gray as Sovereign. At least we finish shit."

Iron Gold, ch. 14: Ephraim, p. 120

"Just as Obsidians are bred to be killing machines, Pinks are made to be fucking machines. Both can be very persuasive. There’s levels to them too. Obsidian have their Stained. Pinks have their Roses. Just as rare, about as expensive."

Iron Gold, ch. 18: Ephraim, p. 156

"I don’t rat. And I don’t play with the Syndicate. Man has to have a code."

Iron Gold, ch. 18: Ephraim, p. 160

"You can’t pull a testimony from a corpse."

Iron Gold, ch. 39: Ephraim, p. 373

"If you gotta leave the field, do it in style"

Iron Gold, ch. 39: Ephraim, p. 379

"Dead kids are the loose change of war. Don’t come whining to me because the man and woman who started this don’t want to pay out of their own pocket like the rest of us."

Iron Gold, ch. 51: Ephraim, p. 481

"Chop ’em if they’re taller. Stomp ’em if they’re smaller. Mauler, brawler, legacy hauler, smoke that crow, earn this holler. Mauler, brawler, legacy hauler, smoke that ant, pay off your collar. Legio! Aeterna! Victrix!"

Dark Age, ch. 21: Ephraim: Mauler, Brawler, Legacy Hauler, p. 172

"Only fascists should make cities. Demokrats never have a salient thesis."

Dark Age, ch. 22: Ephraim: Unshorn, p. 175

"Gray. So frail on our own. So impregnable when we lock arms."

Dark Age, ch. 37: Ephraim: Heart of Venus, p. 316

"Got caught stealing said frizeé and was gonna get cuffed real bad by the local urbanes, when a man piped up for me. Said I was with him. The urbanes gave him one look, a long salute, and went on their way. He was a Gray. Looked such a legend, leaning on the fountain like he owned it. Had a Titan Rain badge on his chest, a shattered Rhea beneath, a shower of golden teardrops on his face, inky in Legio XIII blacks. You weren’t around then, but even Golds gave that sort a nod.” I roll my burner in my hands. “Smoked that burner like the unimpressed footman of a god. I remember that clear as day. Jove, he looked slick. He gave me my first. Like I’m giving you yours. I asked him if he was a hero, and he looked me dead in the eyes”—Pax looks over—“and he said, ‘Fuck heroes, kid. It’s all about being slick enough to squeak through. That’s the last man standing.’ Took that to heart. And here I bloody am."

Dark Age, ch. 40: Ephraim: Kjrdakan, p. 338

"Gift from the gods.” I roll my eyes. “We’re flying in a spaceship. Your ancestors were made in test tubes. The nightgaze by a drunk Violet. And you believe in gods? Hell, I get the racket. For a man you’ve done right fine by yourself with the matriarchs. But stop trying to con a conman."

Dark Age, ch. 41: Ephraim: Obsidian Rising, p. 346

"Me? A Gorgon? Don’t make me laugh. This dog don’t collar."

Dark Age, ch. 75: Ephraim: Grarnir, p. 635