Obsidian Quotes


"Just as Obsidians are bred to be killing machines, Pinks are made to be fucking machines. Both can be very persuasive. There’s levels to them too. Obsidian have their Stained. Pinks have their Roses. Just as rare, about as expensive."

- Ephraim ti Horn
Iron Gold, ch. 18: Ephraim, p. 156

"Make no mistake, Sefi, Queen of the Obsidians, this is no war of Wind or Fire.” He gestures to the dismantled Obsidian youth around him, with pity to the one holding the bone fragment in his neck. “This is a war of annihilation, and you are outmatched by the darker breed of my kind."

- Pax au Augustus
Dark Age, ch. 23: Ephraim: Queen, p. 186

"Practical. Nagal is the superior language to Common. It conveys the soul better and has more beautiful words. Weldschmer. The pain in discovering the world fails to fulfill expectation. Fenwehr. The longing to be somewhere else. But we have no word for practical. Only honorable or shameful."

- Sefi the Quiet
Dark Age, ch. 23: Ephraim: Queen, p. 191

"Spakr. In Nagal, quiet and wise are the same word. So if I say ‘Mann ni spakr,’ it means that man is not quiet, and thus stupid and loud."

- Pax au Augustus
Dark Age, ch. 28: Ephraim: Karachi, p. 231

"Gold was seldom generous in victory. The genocide that followed the Battle of Peitho consisted not just of mass culling, but social and cultural reengineering. A domestication of a wild breed into a more…sustainable and predictable stock. Technophobia was introduced as well as other paradigm alterations. Allfather became Allmother. Mongol sociological structure became Norse. Patriarchy became matriarchy, an inversion of the division protocol they used on Reds."

- Pax au Augustus
Dark Age, ch. 37: Ephraim: Heart of Venus, p. 312

"It wasn’t until Octarius that the first Kuiper Obsidian was spotted, and the name Ascomanni began to circulate. At first, they were of little concern. Further reconnaissance suggested nomadic caravans of ice miners, subterranean dwellings, sparse populations, and fractious tribal dynamics. It seems the Ascomanni even managed to take some carvers with them. Their skin was said to be red, possibly from genetic sculpting with Deinococcus radiodurans, an extremophilic bacterium highly resistant to deepspace radiation, vacuum, dehydration, and cold."

- Pax au Augustus
Dark Age, ch. 37: Ephraim: Heart of Venus, p. 313

"Could be someone the Fear Knight helped to power. A translation discrepancy. Or maybe Atlas’s ships were damaged and he lost coms for ten years and tucked tail. Whatever the case, if this Volsung Fá exists, it would be highly unlikely Martian or Terran Obsidians who turned raiders would have any interaction with true Ascomanni. They’re years away on the ships they have. People just gave the pirates the name because people like legends. But it makes you wonder, what if they have met with their long lost brethren? What if they are coordinating and Volsung Fá rules not just the far Obsidian, but the pirates too?"

- Pax au Augustus
Dark Age, ch. 37: Ephraim: Heart of Venus, p. 314

"My people have a word, rahgschni. There is no translation in the Common tongue. As close as can be said is: the sorrow one feels in seeing fresh morning snow, knowing its beauty cannot last."

- Sefi the Quiet
Dark Age, ch. 37: Ephraim: Heart of Venus, p. 319

"The Allfather speaks one truth, and that is might."

- Volsung Fá
Dark Age, ch. 45: Ephraim: Nightgaze, p. 389

"She would have you give up war. She would have you forsake the Wind for roofs. Your stone and bone heritage for the soft silk of heatlanders. She would let their cities suck you dry. She would have you live in their world. I would have them live in ours."

- Volsung Fá
Dark Age, ch. 76: Ephraim: He Who Walks the Void, p. 646

"Remind them the Allfather’s truth: the world is yours, if you can take it."

- Volsung Fá
Dark Age, ch. 76: Ephraim: He Who Walks the Void, p. 649