Gray Quotes


"Those you protect will not see you. They will not understand you. But you are the Gray wall between civilization and chaos. And they stand safe in the shadow you cast. Do not expect praise or love. Their ignorance is proof of the success of your sacrifice. For we who serve the state, duty must be its own reward."

- Magnus au Grimmus
Iron Gold, ch. 7: Ephraim, p. 56

"Grays: short in life, long in memory."

- Ephraim ti Horn
Iron Gold, ch. 14: Ephraim, p. 119

"If you gotta leave the field, do it in style"

- Ephraim ti Horn
Iron Gold, ch. 39: Ephraim, p. 379

"Before all else, Praetorians are equestrians. Before they learn to shoot, they shovel stable stalls. Each is given a young horse to train while at the ludus. At the end of their training, they are given a gun and told to kill the horse. The mindless killers that do are bound for the blackops legions. Only those that prove themselves loyal to their comrades, be they beast or man, are trusted to guard the Blood."

- Lysander au Lune
Dark Age, ch. 16: Lysander: Rider of the Storm, p. 125

"Chop ’em if they’re taller. Stomp ’em if they’re smaller. Mauler, brawler, legacy hauler, smoke that crow, earn this holler. Mauler, brawler, legacy hauler, smoke that ant, pay off your collar. Legio! Aeterna! Victrix!"

- Ephraim ti Horn
Dark Age, ch. 21: Ephraim: Mauler, Brawler, Legacy Hauler, p. 172

"Gray. So frail on our own. So impregnable when we lock arms."

- Ephraim ti Horn
Dark Age, ch. 37: Ephraim: Heart of Venus, p. 316

"Rhone is no parade soldier. A veteran’s veteran, he’s fought on thirteen spheres and wears the evidence in the phalera on his chest and the scars on his face. He is no blunt object. A violent intellectual, he was Aja’s favorite Gray, and he is now the clever engine of my growing military machine."

- Lysander au Lune
Light Bringer, ch. 5: Lysander: Games, p. 37