Magnus au Grimmus Quotes


"The enemy is brave, I’ll give them that"

Morning Star, ch. 60: Dragon's Maw, p. 472

"Those you protect will not see you. They will not understand you. But you are the Gray wall between civilization and chaos. And they stand safe in the shadow you cast. Do not expect praise or love. Their ignorance is proof of the success of your sacrifice. For we who serve the state, duty must be its own reward."

Iron Gold, ch. 7: Ephraim, p. 56

"it ends as it should, with wolves."

Iron Gold, ch. 60: Darrow, p. 561

"The destroyer of a civilization too often resembles its founders."

Iron Gold, ch. 60: Darrow, p. 562

"I suppose that is what every man must tell himself in war.” His voice rasps and he sucks again on the water tube. “That there will be an end, and when it is done, enough of himself will remain. Enough to be a father. A brother. A lover. But we know it isn’t true. Don’t we, Darrow? War eats the victors last."

Iron Gold, ch. 60: Darrow, p. 563

"Rhea was a rational transaction. Sixty million lives to keep order for eighteen billion."

Iron Gold, ch. 60: Darrow, p. 563