Seraphina au Raa Quotes


"Stupid gahja.” She taps my forehead. “Nothing is past. Everything that was, is. That scar is a story of your subjugation. Slay the man who gave you that, and it becomes the story of your liberation."

Iron Gold, ch. 33: Lysander, p. 315

"my father taught me that scars are why our ancestors were able to shape the worlds. As Golds, we were born as perfect as man can be. It is our duty to embrace the scars our choices give us, to embrace and remember our mistakes, else we live believing our own myth.” She smiles to herself. “He says a man who believes his own myth is like a drunk thinking he can dance barefoot on a razor’s edge."

Iron Gold, ch. 33: Lysander, p. 315

"Anything gentle that lives long, hides its stinger well."

Iron Gold, ch. 33: Lysander, p. 316

"Bellona, would that we had met as equals. You deserve better."

Iron Gold, ch. 41: Lysander, p. 399

"If I have to share air with this Corespawn any longer, I’ll castrate him.” She looks between my legs and raises a notched eyebrow. “If anatomically possible."

Dark Age, ch. 2: Lysander: Annihilo, p. 17

"The courage of a soldier is heightened by her knowledge of her profession."

Dark Age, ch. 8: Lysander: The Machine, p. 67