Dido au Raa Quotes


"Qualis rex, talis grex, (As the king so the people)"

Iron Gold, ch. 36: Lysander, p. 358

"Do you know what inspires this loyalty to the Compact from all Colors? Honor. Honor in work. Honor in morality. Honor in principle and family. Our rules are harsh, but we obey them from Gold to Red. Romulus eliminated the rigged quotas in mines and the latifundia, has begun to phase out the Obsidian gods, and makes each man understand he is part of the same body. He has replaced subjugation with participation. Given a reason to sacrifice for the betterment of all. And it starts with us at this table, the head of the body."

Iron Gold, ch. 36: Lysander, p. 358

"These ten years I’ve been looking for the man I married. Now I see him again. The young Moon Lord who burned a city for a girl of the pearl shore. Romulus the Bold. Dido of Numidae. What a pair they were. What an end they had."

Iron Gold, ch. 62: Lysander, p. 581