The Republic Quotes


"When I was a soldier, I watched as your wife gave pardons to murderers, to slavers, and I bore it because I was told it was necessary to win the war. I watch now as our people live fifteen to a room with scraps for food, rags for healthcare, while the highColor aristocracy live in towers, and I bear it because I’m told it is necessary to win the war. I’ll be damned if I sit back and watch another tyrant replace the one we left behind because it is necessary to win the fucking war."

- Dancer O'Faran
Iron Gold, ch. 2: Darrow, p. 20

"when the law is not obeyed, the ground is fertile for tyrants."

- Dancer O'Faran
Iron Gold, ch. 2: Darrow, p. 20

"Child of Mars, welcome to the worlds…” the young Sovereign began gently. “You are about to embark upon a great journey to your rightful place upon the surface of the planet your ancestors built. Your sweat, your blood, and that of your kin, gave this planet life. Now it is your turn to share in the bounty of mankind, to live and prosper in this new Solar Republic and pave a way for the next generation. My heart is with you. The hopes and dreams of people everywhere rise with you. Good luck and may you and yours find joy under the stars."

- Virginia au Augustus
Iron Gold, ch. 4: Lyria, p. 32

"The Sovereign brought us out of the dirt and forgot us in the mud."

- Lyria O'Lagalos
Iron Gold, ch. 4: Lyria, p. 33

"The term Ascomanni is derived from the Germanic for “Ash Men.” The first Vikings sailed down European rivers in boats of ash wood. And ash is what they left behind. Once, the Ascomanni were just deepspace legends, dark whispers passed by traders and smugglers to new recruits in the shadowy hollows of asteroid cantinas or docking-bay watering holes. In the deep of space, so they’d say, there lurked Obsidian tribes who escaped the Society’s culling of the rest of their race following the Dark Revolt hundreds of years ago. Hunted by my family’s extermination squads and Olympic Knights, they fled into the darkness. For years they plagued the far colonies of Neptune and Pluto, remaining little more than myth to the Core. But now, with the Obsidian diaspora from the poles of Earth and Mars, that myth has become reality. Bands of Obsidians, alienated by the new strange world, freed from military slavery to Gold masters—or exhausted from the Reaper’s war—embrace the legend of their ancestors. They’ve not so much left the Ice as they’ve brought the Ice to the stars."

- Lysander au Lune
Iron Gold, ch. 8: Lysander, p. 71

"We must choose. Is our Republic ruled by its voice, or by its sword?"

- Dancer O'Faran
Iron Gold, ch. 11: Darrow, p. 97

"that is the noble lie of demokracy, isn’t it? The belief in humanity, even though humanity is a screaming, selfish mob. I love humans, truly. But humanity…” She shivers. “I wanted, I needed to see your face as you realized we were right all along. It is true beauty."

- Atalantia au Grimmus
Dark Age, ch. 33: Darrow: The Devil's Deal, p. 283

"I saw you lose faith one step at a time. Looking to solve it all yourself. That’s why I stood in your way. I thought this was what you wanted. A glorious end. Now that it’s here…” He searches my eyes. “If not for the Republic, if not for a hero’s end, why…why keep going?"

- Cadus Harnassus
Dark Age, ch. 86: Darrow: Legion's End, p. 701

"All the worlds will see that what the Slave King destroys, the Heir of Silenius will rebuild greater than before."

- Atalantia au Grimmus
Dark Age, ch. 89: Lysander: Triumph of the Long Night, p. 728

"My gifts belong to the Republic."

- Colloway xe Char
Light Bringer, ch. 4: Darrow: The Sordid Affair, p. 28