Dancer O'Faran Quotes


"Ares was a bastard, an evil patron of rage, violence, bloodlust, and massacre."

Red Rising, ch. 8: Dancer, p. 63

"Do you know why we call ourselves Sons of Ares, Darrow? To the Romans, Mars was the god of war—a god of military glory, defense of the hearth and home. Honorable and all. But Mars is a fraud. He is a romanticized version of the Greek god Ares."

Red Rising, ch. 8: Dancer, p. 63

"An empire cannot be destroyed from without till it is destroyed from within. Remember that. We’re empire-breakers, not terrorists."

Red Rising, ch. 10: The Carver, p. 72

"In the densest places of man, humanity most easily breaks down"

Red Rising, ch. 10: The Carver, p. 76

"We want you to make our boy here into a Gold."

Red Rising, ch. 10: The Carver, p. 79

"Ares once told me that it is the hottest fire that forms the sternest steel. Keep pushing the boy."

Red Rising, ch. 12: The Carving, p. 91

"Look into yourself, Darrow, and you’ll realize that you are a good man who will have to do bad things."

Red Rising, ch. 13: Bad Things, p. 102

"You’re of use because you’re more than a weapon. When your wife died, she didn’t just give you a vendetta. She gave you her dream. You’re its keeper. Its maker. So don’t be spitting anger and hate. You’re not fighting against them, no matter what Harmony says. You’re fighting for Eo’s dream, for your family that is still alive, your people."

Red Rising, ch. 13: Bad Things, p. 102

"He never stopped looking for you,” Dancer explains. “I thought he was mad. He said you weren’t dead. That he could feel it. That he would know. I even asked him to give up the helm to someone else. He was too reckless searching for you."

Morning Star, ch. 8: Home, p. 59

"It’s my greatest regret, I think. That he couldn’t live to see his son wear his helm. And you become what he always knew you to be."

Morning Star, ch. 39: The Heart, p. 304

"The line of Silenius died with Octavia. You were a fool to let that boy go, but if he was alive we’d know it. He got swallowed up by the war just like the rest of them."

Iron Gold, ch. 2: Darrow, p. 19

"when the law is not obeyed, the ground is fertile for tyrants."

Iron Gold, ch. 2: Darrow, p. 20

"When I was a soldier, I watched as your wife gave pardons to murderers, to slavers, and I bore it because I was told it was necessary to win the war. I watch now as our people live fifteen to a room with scraps for food, rags for healthcare, while the highColor aristocracy live in towers, and I bear it because I’m told it is necessary to win the war. I’ll be damned if I sit back and watch another tyrant replace the one we left behind because it is necessary to win the fucking war."

Iron Gold, ch. 2: Darrow, p. 20

"You’re my friend,” he says, voice heavy with emotion. “You will always be my friend. I won’t put a dagger in your back. But I will stand up to you. I will do what is right."

Iron Gold, ch. 2: Darrow, p. 21

"We must choose. Is our Republic ruled by its voice, or by its sword?"

Iron Gold, ch. 11: Darrow, p. 97

"Was my own clan that did me wrong.” His heavy eyes flick up. “Didn’t know that, did ya? They burnt off me what makes a man a man. Ares found me bleeding to death in a tunnel. He knew what they’d done. He fixed me, in more ways than one. But he did one better. He taught me it was Gold that broke us. Taught me Red could matter. Taught me I mattered. Ten years, I never saw his face.” He looks up at Sevro. “When he took that helmet off to you, to me, and I saw Gold, I wept worse than when they gelded me. First man who said I wasn’t broken was the master. The slaver. Hit me good. Right here.” He thumps his chest with a flat hand. “And I saw it hit him. I wasn’t his best. I wasn’t his favorite. But I was the only one who believed like he did. Was me that chose Darrow. Was me that had the keys to Tinos.” He swallows. “Boy…that father of yours never judged me ’cept by what I’d done. Began to understand I owed him the same. Made a choice, then. I’d stand before him. Him that freed me. Him that made me different, made me a force. And I’d tell him what he told me long before: a man is his actions, not his blood.” He looks back at the remains of the datadrop in sorrow that even now he still hides his truth. “The Jackal came before I got that chance. That is the greatest regret of my life. Your pa was my hero then and he is my hero now. I knew I’d never see his like again. I was wrong."

Dark Age, ch. 29: Virginia: The Dust of the Reverie, p. 248