Octavia au Lune Quotes


"no man can pursue any endeavor in the face of tribal warfare."

Red Rising, ch. 22: The Tribes, p. 170

"Then today, res, non verba.” Actions, not words."

Golden Son, ch. 12: Blood for Blood, p. 106

"The Governor of Rhea sat upon his Ice Throne in his famed Glass Palace and asked one of my servants, ‘Who are you to breathe fear into a man such as I? I who have descended from the family that carved heaven from a place where once there was nothing but a hell of ice and stone. Who are you to make me bow?’ Then he struck the Ash Lord here under the eye with his scepter. ‘Go home to Luna. Go home to the Core. The Outer Reach is for creatures of sterner spines.’ The Governor of Rhea did not bow. Now his moon is ash. His family is ash. He is ash. So run, Darrow au Andromedus. Run home to Mars, for my legions will follow you to the ends of this universe.”"

Golden Son, ch. 18: Bloodstains, p. 166

"who cares about civilian casualties? Does the sea ever run out of salt?"

Morning Star, ch. 60: Dragon's Maw, p. 469

"Antonia au Severus-Julii, matron of House Julii and Praetor First Class of the Fifth and Sixth Legions, by the power vested in me by the Compact of the Society, I find you guilty of treason and dereliction of duty in a time of war and hereby sentence you to death."

Morning Star, ch. 60: Dragon's Maw, p. 477

"Imagine a world without the arrogance of the young."

Morning Star, ch. 61: The Red, p. 479

"Fabii made mistakes,” the Sovereign says. “But he was a noble creature and as loyal a servant to his Color. He was even honorable enough to take his own life, to accept that he had failed and to pay justly for it and ensure he would not be interrogated or bartered. His last act in destroying the rebel docks was the act of a hero. An Iron Gold. But you…you scurrilous craven, you fled like a little girl who pissed her Whiteday dress. You abandoned him to save yourself. Now you slander him in front of all. In front of his friend.” She gestures protectively to Cassius. “Your men saw the reptile underneath, that is why they turned on you. Why you lost your ships to your better sister."

Morning Star, ch. 60: Dragon's Maw, p. 479

"We…we are the Society. We are Gold, Silver, Copper, Blue, White, Orange, Green, Violet, Yellow, Gray, Brown, Pink, Obsidian, and Red. The bonds that bind us together are stronger than the forces that pull us apart. For seven hundred years, Gold has shepherded humanity, brought light where there was dark, plenty where there was famine. Today we bring peace where there is war. But to have peace, we must destroy outright this murderer who has brought war to each and every one of our homes."

Morning Star, ch. 61: The Red, p. 482

"Do not let fear touch you. Fear is the torrent. The raging river. To fight it is to break and drown. But to stand astride it is to see it, feel it, and use its course for your own whims."

Iron Gold, ch. 8: Lysander, p. 75

"A new wound can take a body. Opening an old one can claim a soul."

Iron Gold, ch. 22: Lysander, p. 200

"Fear those who seek your company for their own vanity. As soon as you eclipse them in the mirror, it won’t be the mirror they break."

Dark Age, ch. 2: Lysander: Annihilo, p. 20

"The tragedy of the gifted is the belief they are entitled to greatness, Lysander. As a human, you are entitled only to death."

Dark Age, ch. 34: Lysander: Shadows of War, p. 290