Xenophon Quotes


"You are a clever Homo bellicus, Mr. Horn, as I am an efficient Homo logicus. But do not compare yourself with the best of the Homo aureate. My dominus’s designs are painted on a horizon we will only see in time. My science is logic, his is illogic—humanity."

Dark Age, ch. 75: Ephraim: Grarnir, p. 634

"There was one mightier ’fore Allmother’s reign Allfather, King of Stains, was his name. For him, Old Kuthul rose against Sunborn Till in Ladon was he felled, for kin to mourn To the fires his people and the Volk were sent But not all to ash and bone must we lament From sun to dust did the moons and dragons chase The brood of Kuthul, who hid in darkest space, Five ages passed of shadow and ice Entombed in floating caverns, hunted like rabid mice Blossoms of blood and thrones of flesh were grown As brother ate brother; sister ate sister for a savior, Allfather groaned Then came the Outlander to answer his plea Mighty were the Lords of Ink, mightier was He. Whores of their children, shards of their thrones Made He, who crowned Himself with their bones And fashioned Dark Wind of those not destroyed To serve, to anoint, to proclaim: He Who Walks the Void."

Dark Age, ch. 75: Ephraim: Grarnir, p. 640