Victra au Julii Quotes


"I like the way stone smells before rain falls.” She makes a face, cheeks flushing red. “And … don’t laugh. I actually hate the color gold. Green goes better with my complexion."

Golden Son, ch. 23: Trust, p. 213

"So there is a Rage Knight beneath the wrinkles and moth-bitten rags."

Golden Son, ch. 32: Die Young, p. 281

"My name has nothing to do with who I am."

Golden Son, ch. 32: Die Young, p. 281

"You’re a sinister little shit, aren’t you?"

Golden Son, ch. 32: Die Young, p. 282

"I didn’t know,” she whispers. “Darrow, I didn’t know."

Golden Son, ch. 51: Golden Son, p. 439

"We all enter a certain social contract by living in this Society of ours. My people oppress your tiny kind. We live off the spoils of your labor. Pretending you don’t exist. And you fight back. Usually very poorly. Personally, I think that’s your right. It’s not good or evil. But it’s fair. I’d applaud a mouse that managed to kill an eagle, wouldn’t you? Good for it. It’s absurd and hypocritical for Golds to complain now simply because the Reds finally started fighting well."

Morning Star, ch. 12: The Julii, p. 88

"I’m a Julii. Cold runneth through my veins."

Morning Star, ch. 12: The Julii, p. 89

"Some I’m proud of,” she says of the scars. “Some I’m not.” She turns to show us her lower back. It’s a waxy melted swath of flesh where her sister left her mark in acid. She turns back to us, raising her chin in defiance. “I came here because I didn’t have a choice. I stayed when I did. Don’t make me regret that."

Morning Star, ch. 38: The Bill, p. 298

"Once more unto the breach"

Morning Star, ch. 44: The Lucky Ones, p. 347

"Share the load, darling. This one’s on me."

Morning Star, ch. 49: Colossus, p. 384

"Bitch captured. Kavax free. Victory mine."

Morning Star, ch. 51: Pandora, p. 403

"Today I’d rather be a Barca. Presuming you don’t have a problem with that and I don’t have to become proportionally diminutive."

Morning Star, ch. 55: The Ignoble House Barca, p. 435

"Assassination is probably the only enterprise where private industry is not more efficient."

Iron Gold, ch. 21: Darrow, p. 182

"Tigresses don’t need nursemaids. Neither should we."

Dark Age, ch. 65: Lyria: Ulysses, p. 554

"My son, you are of the gens Julii. Your ancestors looked to the night sky when there was nothing but drips of light in the darkness. Roads they built to stitch that light together. You are also of the gens Barca, guardians of the human race. You will be hated and you will hate. You will love and be loved. You will fall and you will rise. Never will you know peace, but you will know joy. You may even sail the dark seas in ships and lie beside nymphs in alien woods. You are your father’s son. Forever my boy. Forever our Ulysses."

Dark Age, ch. 65: Lyria: Ulysses, p. 558

"I swear it for the first time. Let your enemies be my enemies. Let your errors be my errors. Let your life be my life. I do not tell lies. If ever you call, House Barca will answer."

Dark Age, ch. 88: Lyria: Mercury Has Fallen, p. 710

"If we cannot engineer salvation for our men, then vengeance will suffice,"

Dark Age, ch. 91: Virginia: Salvation or Vengeance, p. 745