Ozgard Quotes


"A man may run, but none has escaped his fate. Yet."

Dark Age, ch. 22: Ephraim: Unshorn, p. 176

"Ozgard the Mad. Ozgard the Bad. Ozgard the Berryclad."

Dark Age, ch. 23: Ephraim: Queen, p. 182

"I find your face disturbing. It is soft. Like goat cheese. But I do not complain."

Dark Age, ch. 41: Ephraim: Obsidian Rising, p. 345

"The more blessed the creature, the less they question life."

Dark Age, ch. 45: Ephraim, p. 383

"Cruelty is the heart of myth."

Dark Age, ch. 45: Ephraim: Nightgaze, p. 384

"What I have seen was no trick. Fire and ash will come. And end of worlds. Serpent will strangle wolf. Lion will battle lion. Darkness will battle light. Sister murder brother. Son murder father. Father murder daughter. This is what the fire told me. All I have seen has come true. As others are consumed, Sefi will rise from the ashes to bind the Obsidians, to become one with Red, to found a kingdom watched over by a gray fox. Watched over by you."

Dark Age, ch. 45: Ephraim: Nightgaze, p. 386