Kavax au Telemanus Quotes


"Pfah. Agrippina’s a wicked bitch,” Kavax grumbles. “Always has been."

Golden Son, ch. 32: Die Young, p. 279

"when she sat before my hearth as a girl beside Pax and my children, what stories did I read them? Did I read them myths of the Greeks? Of strong men gaining glory for their own heads? No. I told them tales of Arthur, of the Nazarene, of Vishnu. Strong heroes who wished only to protect the weak."

Morning Star, ch. 20: Dissent, p. 150

"Family is all that matters,” Kavax says. “And you are family."

Morning Star, ch. 36: Swill, p. 285

"Farewell? It is not farewell,” he rumbles with a toothy grin. “Win today and it becomes just a long hello. Much life left for the both of us, I think."

Morning Star, ch. 43: Here Again, p. 340

"Apologies. Deepest apologies. I cannot stop being captured."

Morning Star, ch. 51: Pandora, p. 403

"Don’t you know I’ve magic in my veins?"

Morning Star, ch. 51: Pandora, p. 403

"Children, await my summons. If I fall, come with all fury."

Morning Star, ch. 54: The Goblin and the Gold, p. 422

"I know it may be impossible to believe now, when everything is dark and broken, but you will survive this pain, little one. Pain is a memory. You will live and you will struggle and you will find joy. And you will remember your family from this breath to your dying days, because love does not fade. Love is the stars, and its light carries on long after death."

Iron Gold, ch. 17: Lyria, p. 149

"Sometimes, little one, it’s best if the worlds think you a little mad.” He winks. “Inspiring what they’ll let you get away with."

Iron Gold, ch. 17: Lyria, p. 153