Holiday ti Nakamura Quotes


"The Golds carve their deeds into their swords. The grand, violent shit they’ve done. But Ares thought you’d prefer to see the people you love"

Morning Star, ch. 3: Snakebite, p. 26

"I want you to know, you’re doing good. I know you didn’t ask. And I’m just a grunt. But you are."

Morning Star, ch. 53: Silence, p. 417

"Point is, Ephraim wants to die, but he can’t. That’s his curse."

Iron Gold, ch. 59: Lyria, p. 555

"After the Conquest of Earth, the powerful houses engaged in a land grab,” Holiday replies. “Silenius was faced with a dilemma. To his left, anarchy. To his right, tyranny. Instead, he found the narrow path between. Barely wide enough for the edge of a stiletto."

Dark Age, ch. 19: Virginia: Stiletto, p. 154

"Ma’am…” I turn back to her. “It must be said: It is in honor to serve a true Sovereign."

Dark Age, ch. 31: Virginia: Day of Red Doves, p. 257