Daxo au Telemanus Quotes


"She loves you, you know,” Daxo says. “She’s just afraid of losing you, so she holds you far away.” He smiles to himself. “Funny how we are, isn’t it?"

Morning Star, ch. 55: The Ignoble House Barca, p. 436

"You look a lamb, but perhaps a wolf lies under the wool?"

Iron Gold, ch. 49: Lyria, p. 458

"Sarcastic ripostes are seldom clever enough to prove that they are little more than the desperate cries for validation of a petty and insecure mind."

Dark Age, ch. 20: Virginia: Politicos, p. 165

"I confess. I have always viewed Sevro as a marginal character in our great endeavor. He is ill-tempered, rash, and braggadocious in nature. I don’t know if he’s ever read a book. Let me loose, and I will subdue the illiterate halfman in short order."

Dark Age, ch. 20: Virginia: Politicos, p. 166

"To be weak is miserable, doing or suffering."

Dark Age, ch. 20: Virginia: Politicos, p. 167

"I have thought it over. I think I would be a good father,” Daxo says at last. “After all, I have a fine example to follow."

Dark Age, ch. 30: Virginia: Ocular Sphere, p. 255