Alexandar au Arcos Quotes


"Superior genetics for the win,” he crows. “Be not ashamed, geriatric friends."

Iron Gold, ch. 27: Darrow, p. 241

"I’ve now seen sharks fly and lions bark.” Alexandar laughs. “A lecture over genes from a Valii-Rath.” He leans forward, Apollonius’s plate still in his hands. “It would have been a severe pleasure to see my grandfather educate you on the merit of your genes."

Iron Gold, ch. 34: Darrow, p. 330

"Mm, into the mouth of the beast,” Alexandar says from beside me on the bridge. “ ‘Then, even then, Cassandra’s lips unsealed the doom to come: lips by a god’s command never to be believed or heeded by the Trojans.'"

Iron Gold, ch. 45: Darrow, p. 425

"Here’s hoping this one’s worth a wolfcloak"

Dark Age, ch. Prologue, p. 1

"I know what I am."

Dark Age, ch. 15: Darrow: Tyche, p. 122